Designing and hand making jewellery is my passion – its personal, precious and a fabulous gift.

My designs evolve with each piece of jewellery and I am delighted to see each one fly out the door to very happy clients. Whether it’s a piece already made or a commission for something special – each piece is an original, made from 925 Sterling Silver or Copper and made by hand.

Based in Wellington and from a seaside studio in Petone, my design references come from the environment, texture and life events. Design and art go hand in hand in my work - where interpreting colour, texture and flow are my platforms with an emphasis on fresh visuals and a merging of ideas. The style and materials used in each piece allows the work to build from a spark of an idea through to the development of a beautiful piece of jewellery. 

I'm passionate about design in every part of life and have been involved in all types of art from my early years.  It’s a pleasure to take these design ideas into my contemporary jewellery where I relish the opportunity to tell a story about the paradise that we live in here in New Zealand. 

Seeing my jewellery worn by happy customers is an absolute pleasure, and to have them return to me, excited to see the new, ever evolving work I have on offer is superb.

My jewellery is available from a selection of galleries and shops across New Zealand. If you are based overseas, or you’re in NZ and looking to get a piece of jewellery commissioned then please contact be directly.

Jill x